Amanda Baggs – advocate for autism

I was going to post about the article in New Scientist on sociable computing that featured Amanda Baggs’ latest video on YouTube. Then Amanda made it onto network TV in the USA. She did a fantastic job raising autism awareness and promoting the ideas of autism acceptance and neurodiversity. Thank you Amanda.

This must have cost her a lot in terms of nervous energy and sensory overload. Thank you again, Amanda for sacrificing your time and energy and privacy. And for anyone else reading this, please show your appreciation by following these links.

Amanda’s blog [Be aware that all the media attention has been very stressful and Amanda may be taking  break for now.]

New Scientist

Amanda’s video, “In my language”

Amanda on CNN

Amanda’s guest blog on Anderson Cooper 360

And do visit Autism Diva’s commentary as well.


2 thoughts on “Amanda Baggs – advocate for autism

  1. Her bravery [because I’m more than confident that she fully anticipated the fall out] is about as ‘highly commendable’ as possiblbe in my book.
    I think she deserves some ‘time out’ rather than a ‘time out.’

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