Magical Thinking: autism in 90 seconds

The Posautive Group on YouTube is an excellent source of short videos about autism. But I have just seen a remarkable video that manages to inform and educate in just 90 seconds.

I learned about it on the National Autistic Society website

shoes.jpgThora Hands and Andrew Welsby are parents of children with Asperger syndrome. They made a very short film called ‘Magical Thinking’ which has just been shortlisted for the Depict! 2006 short film competition, part of the Encounters Film festival in Bristol in November.

They said,

“The film is about a child with autism, who finds a mechanism to help him cope with an overwhelming sensory world of people, places, sights and sounds. The film is based on our experiences with our two children, both of whom have Asperger’s and one also has Tourette’s. Our film is very much a team effort; I wrote, my partner filmed and edited, our kids star, and one of our boys with AS narrates (wonderfully, I might add).

“This being one of our first film ventures, we are obviously delighted that the film has been shortlisted. If we are lucky enough to win, we plan to make a donation to your organisation who have helped us so much over the years in various ways.”

One or two reviewers complained that they found it difficult to tune in to the narrator’s Scottish accent. I thoroughly enjoyed Magical Thinking, and i hope you do too.


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