Evidence of Pharm?

When scandalous events come to light the local community are always agreed. “We had no idea.” “He was such a pillar of the community.” “They babysat our children.” “They always gave generously to charity.” Etc.

So how will the good people of Silver Spring, Maryland, USA react when some of their own are finally exposed for using bad science to perform medical experiments on helpless children by pretending they have a cure for autism and persuading the parents to claim back the cost from their medical insurance?

It would be nice if they could read it first in the local press. So I am copying this to the editors of the:

Silver Spring Gazette: jgrbach@gazette.net
Silver Spring Voice: bond@takoma.com
Montgomery County Sentinel: editor-mc@thesentinel.com

All that follows is already in the public domain. All I have done is provide a summary. The editors can check it themselves or email me with any queries about sources.


Doctor Mark Geier and his son David have been trying to establish their credentials as autism researchers. To boost their credibility David claimed to be a graduate student in biochemistry at George Washington University. But neither of the Geiers currently have any academic position. They operate out of the family home in Silver Springs, Maryland.

This makes it difficult to get Independent Review Board approval for their research. The one time the Geiers did get approval, for a study of the Vaccine Safety Database, access was suspended when they broke the rules and compromised patient confidentiality. So the Geiers set up their own sham IRB with friends and family to impress journal editors and get their work accepted for publication. Because they have so little actual research they tend to recycle their ideas and republish in slightly altered forms. Sometimes they recycle the wok of others. One of their papers is remarkably similar to a paper that was previously published by other academics working for the CDC. They also take the work of genuine autism experts and quote it out of context as if it supports their ideas, when it does not.

The dubious research practises of a couple of obscure academics would not be newsworthy except for the fact that the Geiers use this dodgy research to bolster their reputation as experts on the link between vaccines and autism. This reputation has so far failed to stand up in court. Mark Geier’s latest appearance as an expert witness was dismissed because the court doubted he was even qualified to make a diagnosis, never mind offer an expert opinion on it. His testimony has been similarly rejected on nine previous occasions.

David Geier has no medical qualifications and his degree does not even equip him for post graduate scientific research. Mark Geier is a genetic counsellor. He has no specialist qualifications or board certification in any of the areas where he now claims expertise: pediatrics, neurology and endocrinology. In fact Dr. Geier was not even successful in sitting for his Medical Board examination in the specific field of pediatric genetics.

But all this is lost on the parents who not only believe the Geiers’ unsubstantiated ideas about autism, but also entrust them with their children’s health. As a result an unknown number of autistic children have regular blood draws, well in excess of those permitted by the FDA. Then they are repeatedly injected with Lupron, a drug more commonly used to treat prostate cancer or to chemically castrate convicted sex offenders. This is to remove the alleged high levels of testosterone in autistic children.

All this costs thousands of dollars which the parents are supposed to claim on their insurance because of Central Precocious Puberty, a very rare complaint which these children do not have. On top of that the children are then treated with DMSA, which is supposed to remove the mercury from their bodies and cure their autism, and a powerful steroid called Androcur. Nobody knows what the side effects are from long term use of these powerful drugs together on small children and the Geiers have not even bothered to find out. They even claim that Lupron is 99 per cent natural and has no side effects! Not even the makers claim that!


The parents who trust the Geiers do not normally trust the giant drug companies. It is just the opposite. They blame big pharma for the vaccines that they believe have damaged their children and turn to alternative medicine for a cure. The Geiers have no such problem. When the real damage done to these children finally emerges the Geiers will be counting their wealth from the patent agreements they are currently seeking in conjunction with TAP Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Lupron.

geiersthumb1.gifThat is, unless the authorities act and we can replace this screen shotmugshot.jpg with mugshots.


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  1. Nice post. Thanks for keeping these slimeballs in the spotlight.

    On a related note, I\’ve noticed that no one really worries about squirrel droppings. I wonder if squirrels of today have GI issues. If so, they could be either mercury poisoned or MMR poisoned. In that case, we ought to hold a few down and let Chip and Dale inject them with some Lupron. You know, to knock down the testosterone that\’s binding and effectively chelating the free mercury in the cell so we can inhibit the growth of these mercury-mediated testosterone sheets that the Geiers are still advertising via Erik Nanstiel on Autism Fair Media (this guy has been shown why the theory is idiotic and he still advertises lies and scientific fantasy).

    Rats are more like it.

  2. Rats. Wish I’d said that. Thank you, Mike Stanton. I hope that someone in the Geiers’ back yard cares enough to do some investigation… it’s not like it hasn’t all been done for them by Kathleen Seidel. Goodness, it ought to be all over but the shouting.

    I’m under the impression that Jr. isn’t enrolled anywhere this fall, it’s going to get harder for him to pass himself off as a PhD candidate, with his AB (not meant for real scientists) in biology.

  3. It’s amazing that the so-called autism journalists (Olmstead, Kirby, Pringle) are off chasing the latest toxic substance someone dreamed up as a cause of autism instead of doing the real hard work of journalism (which Kathleen is doing instead), uncovering real wrongdoing and urging authorities to act.

  4. Mike wrote:

    “But all this is lost on the parents who not only believe the Geiers’ unsubstantiated ideas about autism, but also entrust them with their children’s health.”

    I have the feeling a LOT of the parents who are using these types of treatments are not aware of these issues. If each one of those parents were to read Kathleens work and commentary such as this, I’m sure MANY of them would have second thoughts about trusting the Griers and their treatments.

    Mike, you’re providing a public service by writing this. It’s important for parents to have this information before making decisions on treatment. I remember a time not that long ago when it was almost impossible to find this sort of balanced commentary. It’s sad to think how many parents out there have gotten hornswaggled by the Griers simply because they didn’t have access to information like this.

    Thank you!

  5. Good try, and fun to read, but I’ll eat my computer if you get any response. The Geiers have been reported to the state medical board, the attorney general’s office, the biggest newspaper in Maryland, and the fraud departments of several major insurance companies, and none batted an eye.

    I conclude the story is so far out there, it is literally unbelievable to rational people who have not been following along (with disgust) from the beginning.

  6. Luminary,

    TAP pharmaceuticals is part of this, they’ve already been sued for a billion dollars, where are the anti-big pharma guys now?

    I suppose child protective services would have to be contacted for each child in his or her locale. Where does Lisa Sykes live? Erik Nanstiel lives in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

  7. Looks like now she is an associate pastor at Welborne UMC, also in Richmond. When she conned the women’s organization of the Methodist Church into waving her flag this spring, they wrote a report that lists Welborne as her affiliation.

  8. Luminary
    do you think the church knows that Sykes is a research asociate of the Geiers? She is also a member of the IRB that approved the research and one of the research subjects is her child.

  9. Mike,

    I just want to say that I am so totally jealous that I never thought of “Evidence of Pharm.” I cracked up when I read it. It’s perfect.

  10. I doubt they know the kind of things exposed in the Significant Misrepresentations series, but I have no personal involvement.

    Suspect it would be more productive to bring these facts to the attention of the women’s group than to the local parish, which may (though I doubt it) never have heard about it from her.

  11. I continue to be so impressed with your site. My son was very premature and was small for gestation due to IUGR. I have always been on the look out for symptoms of austism and others on the spectrum. I am lucky to have a healthy boy and hope that parents of autisic children continue to have voices like your and others to help them find their way as a family.

    Instant karma will getcha, knock you right on the head, better get yourself together darlin…j.lennon. Those “researchers” will get it soon. I hope before too many other families and children are harmed. This is very sad.

    Thanks again for always being on top of things and so informative.xx

  12. Excuse me but you guys are the whack jobs! You are obviously not living with autism, and what *yes* vaccines ****without a doubt**** have done to our kids! Thank GOD for the Geiers and what they have done to help my children who are on the protocol. I have 4 with autism (have YOU walked a mile in my shoes?) and 2 are on the protocol, by the end of the year, all 4 will be due to the drastic IMPROVEMENT my children have had ON THE PROTOCOL. I just can hardly tolerate IGNORANT people who speak about something they have NO KNOWLEDGE about! It is people LIKE YOU that ridiculed me when I was considering not immunizing in the first place, if only I would have listened to my own instincts, my kid would be talking and living a normal life. The Geier’s are having success with the protocol, lives are being changed and improved. The road we were headed before the Geier’s was a dead end…no where….endless medication from a medical community of doctors that want to mask the symptoms instead of treat the problem…do I hear liability? Oh yeah, they already covered their own butts with the National Vaccine and child act, so those that did the real damage are off scott free. You all should be ashamed of yourself! What may I ask are YOU doing to HELP my child recover from autism? And by the way, chelation has been around since the 1930’s and is an approved way to rid the body of metal poisoning. You get lead poisoning, go to the hospital, they will chelate you. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! And let’s really see how honest you are if this posts.

  13. Over the course of Kathleen’s “Significant Representations” series on the Geiers (which stated in June), no one has been able to contradict a single one of the facts she has presented; in fact, no one has even tried. One would think that if there were any refutations forthcoming, or indeed *any* counter-arguments based on something other than emotion and anecdote, they would have surfaced by now.

  14. Laurel – putting lots of stars around words and lots of others in caps doesn’t make you right.

    Start with proving vaccines caused all of your children’s autism and do it calmly and rationally. Nobody is impressed with your ranting.

  15. Diane
    you forgot to mention which of the facts about the Geiers in my post were untrue. As Dave points out, Kathleen has assiduously researched all this information. If any of it is false why don’t the Geiers sue?

    Just to make it easy for them, I. Michael Stanton, unequivocally state that David Geier lied about his academic affiliations. Mark and David Geier plagiarized the work of Verstraeten and others. Mark Geier set up a fraudulent IRB to approve his so called research. Mark and David Geier are encouraging parents to engage in insurance fraud to finance the implementation of their Lupron protocol. Mark Geier is drawing blood from children who are following his Lupron protocol that exceed FDA guidelines. Mark Geier is not board certified to diagnose Central Precocious Puberty or to prescribe drugs for its treatment.
    Father and son are both money grubbing liars and frauds who should be locked up.
    Either of this odious pair are invited to reply to these statements here on my blog or to consult m’ learned friends and see me in court. I await their response with consummate disdain.

  16. all I see is a lot of hate on this website, I don’t see anyone here with my childs best interest at heart. my son reacted within days of a vaccine, 4 doctors have all concurred that it was the vaccine. (and no, that isn’t including the Geiers) there is a vaccine adverse reaction database, have you not heard?
    workups in the lab, they were born completely normal. . there could however be a biochemical inablility to excrete heavy metal…such as mercury. . and if autism is genetic, then why is the autism in reverse? and why has the autism also been in reverse for 2 of my older children who did not receive as many vaccines as the younger? if autism is genetic, where are the older autistics in my family? there are NONE. (btw,…that isn’t ranting, that is stressing a point.) no autistic aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents…NONE.
    And when you see normal development drop off at time periods that coinside with their immunizations, well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.
    one little thing you also didn’t know…I have 2 other children who are NOT autistic, not on the spectrum at all…they have NEVER been immunized, not one shot, not even eye drops, so where does your “it’s genetic in your family” hold up now? if it is genetic, and not vaccines, then why aren’t my other 2 also on the spectrum, HMMMM?
    There are plenty of refutable claims on this site about the Geiers…for example, Dr. Mark Geier isn’t a genetic counselor, he is a very well educated and informed man when you read the following which is just a glimpse of his credentials. He has a Ph.D. in genetics and is currently president of Genetic Centers of America in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has been in clinical practice for over 20 years (part of which was with prenatal genetic counseling). He was a researcher for the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, for 10 years. Dr. Geier was also a professor at the Johns Hopkins University and at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He has addressed the Institute of Medicine of the United States’ National Academy of Sciences, the United States’ State Department, the Government Reform Committee of the United States’ House of Representatives, and numerous other professional meetings. Dr. Geier has authored almost 100 peer-reviewed scientific/medical publications, and most recently, he has co-authored about 30 peer-reviewed scientific/medical publications on vaccine safety, efficacy and policy. He has received critical acclaim from his colleagues for his research on vaccines by winning the “Stanley W. Jackson Prize,” which is given to authors having the best paper in the preceding three years in the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences published by Duke University. His research has received national and international media coverage.

    Dr. Geier has been involved as an expert witness in vaccine cases before the no-fault National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) and in civil litigation. In publications and testimony, he suggests that the thimerosal (organic mercury) in vaccines is a cause of neurodevelopmental disorders like autism. His son, David A. Geier, is president of MedCon, a medical–legal consulting firm that helps vaccine injury claimants to try to obtain funds from both the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and through civil litigation. He graduated with honors from UMBC with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in History. He has been a researcher scientist at the National Institutes of Health. Presently, he is a graduate student in biochemistry at the George Washington University, and has co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed scientific/medical publications on vaccine safety, efficacy, and policy.

    other false claims on this board – there is no “field of pediatric genetics” that Dr. Geier failed an exam on…that is just an outright lie. prove it if there is…you can’t just so spouting off on a message board without backing it up…do I hear the words “slander?…defamation of character?” Not only what you are doing to the Geiers, but to parents as well.

    Please show us where the “fda regulation of blood draws” can be found…or can it?
    Cancer patients, diabetics, and the like have this done as well without complication. As well as the daily injections, do you insinuate that the parent’s of diabetics are at fault for this as well? And please, my boys do have precocious puberty, not anyone that knows them would contradict that. I find it insulting that you would sit at this board and spout off about how you think you know my children and other children have this and that, or don’t have this or that. you don’t know. how many controlled studies have YOU done? where is it published? Where are your credentials to be making these claims?

    So see, you are just plain barking up the wrong tree. you really don’t have your facts straight, you are twisting the truth to suit yourself. You don’t want a cure for autism, you are offended at the very thought of it, and you are trying to block anyone that might be actually making a difference.

  17. “my son reacted within days of a vaccine, 4 doctors have all concurred that it was the vaccine. (and no, that isn’t including the Geiers) there is a vaccine adverse reaction database, have you not heard?”

    Four doctors eh? Then they are flying in the face of all known science regarding autism and vaccines.

    We know full well there is an adverse reaction database. I, a UK resident, was able to make an entry into it stating that a vaccine turned my daughter into Wonder Woman. That’s how accurate and reliable it is.

    Yuo are also constructing a strawman argument. Nobody is claiming you cannot have an adverse reaction to vaccines. Of course you can. However, that reaction doesn’t include autism.

    Your point about a lack of autistic relatives in your family is facile. I have two relatives (both dead now) who were autistic. Both were born before 1920. Researchers have also found case histories dating back to 1880 which describe people who today would meet the DSM(IV) criteria.

    “And when you see normal development drop off at time periods that coinside with their immunizations, well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.”

    Funny – day before my daughter was diagnosed we took er to the zoo. Using your logic that means zoo’s cause autism.

    Your little thumbnail sketch of the Geier’s was a selection of carefully edited highlights. You missed out the fact that the ‘peer reviewed journals’ his thiomersal papers are published in are largely junk journals not even indexed by PubMed.

    You also missed out the expert witness appearances (including the very recent RhoGAM one dealing with thiomersal and autism) that threw out Geier’s testimony as it didn’t meet basic requirements of science. Here’s a direct quote from the Judgement:

    However, upon being subjected to extensive cross examination, much of Dr. Geier’s analysis, based upon his collective review of a motley assortment of diverse literature, proved, in the Court’s view, to be overstated. For example, in examining Dr. Geier’s methodology, the Court notes that Dr. Geier could not point to a single study, including anything that he had published, that conclusively determined that the amount of thimerosal in RhoGAM when given not to the fetus but to the mother, as in this case, could cause autism. It is also significant in the review of his methodology that Dr. Geier could not point to a single study that conclusively determined that any amount of mercury could cause the specific neurological disorder of autism.

    As for the field of Pediatric Genetics not existing – I guess nobody told the Division of Pediatric Genetics at the University of North Carolina, or the Mayo Clinic, or the Cleveland Clinic.

    Further, Mike made no claim for FDA regulation of blood draws, he mentioned FDA guidelines which, along with further discussion on How the Geier’s flouted them, can be found being discussed here.

    If your children have been diagnosed with precocious puberty, I’m sure you can tell us what the result of the radiology exam of the wrist was – the only reliable way to diagnose precocious puberty. I’m sure you can further tell us whether the Geier’s performed the vital subcategorisation of each of your children into CPP or PPP.

    What Mike – and a lot of us – are trying to block is the Geier’s unscientific assault on children. You seem a woefully ignorant example of the sort of person who entrusts the children to these quacks. I hope you can start to look at the evidence with more critical eyes.

  18. Start with proving vaccines caused all of your children’s autism and do it calmly and rationally. Nobody is impressed with your ranting.

    Four children with autism? All four? Doesn’t that suggest something genetic as a cause? It sure does to me.

  19. Diane: and why has the autism also been in reverse for 2 of my older children who did not receive as many vaccines as the younger?

    What does autism in reverse look like? Developmental progress?

    I have two autistic kids – one fully immunized, one not immunized at all. So what?

  20. Simpsonwood

    Deleted – 2,600 words of conspiracy theory. Even if every word was true this is totally irrelevant to the question of whether  or not the Geiers are liars and frauds who are recklessly endangering the lives of children with their so-called Lupron protocol.

  21. Mercury Poisoning: 25 Mercury Myths

    Deleted – 9,300 words that purport to demonstrate the truth of Myth #25. Diane, if you want to publish a twenty page document alleging a link between mercury and autism, get your own web space. Myth #25: Autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, and ADD
    All of these behavioral diagnoses are mythical: they simply do not exist. Each one simply places a child somewhere along the “spectrum” of mercury poisoning.

  22. You’re right Diane – blogs are just websites. So are the Geier’s papers. I’m afraid their science is appalling. So bad it can’t be accepted in decent science journals.

    Furthermore, I’m happy to state on record that the Geier’s are plagiarists. They plagiarised the Verstraeten data to write their own VSD paper. This forms the whole crux of the thiomersal hypothesis.

    I’ll urge you once again ‘Diane’ – take off the rose tinted glasses and examine the evidence critically. It doesn’t hold up. You and your kids are fodder for the Geier’s need for data based on a false diagnosis of Precocious Puberty.

    You never answered any of my previous points and I’m sure you won’t now. No matter. I’ll simply ask you to please take your kids to a paediatric endocronologist to get a proper doctor to examine your kids for PP.

  23. well, I am not surprised you deleted my posts, truth hurts huh? I see this site as a bunch of people that would rather hurt my kids. My kids HAVE been to just about every doctor imaginable, and the Geiers are the only ones who have offered my kids any chance at a promising future. and I am not alone, other parents have tried varied versions of the same thing we are doing, and as it turns out, autism IS treatable, see here: http://www.recoveredfromautism.com/#
    I think you people just really want to see my kids left in the dark, so much that you’ll hide the truth on your own sites. sure, you’ll post your slander, but you won’t allow your viewers to see the other side, the truth. The minute you deleted my posts, you were acting as dictator, only wanting your little group to see your narrow and twisted version.
    I’m not wasting my time here anymore. some people you just gotta walk away from. I feel sorry for your families.

  24. Oh, and Mike, I do have my own webspace, with the mercury myths posted in it’s entirety. and it gets a lot more traffic than this pathetic little blog.

  25. I tell you what Diane,
    why not just post your web address here so people who want to read 25 myths about mercury can do so? Alternatively, you let me post 10000 words in the comments section of your web site (you do allow comments on your web site?) and I will reinstate your comments here.

  26. Diane, you’re being very silly. Its simply common courtesy not to post huge amounts of data on someone else’s site. If it exists on your site then simply link to it, or quote the relevant sections here.

    If you think anyone has slandered the Geier’s then I strongly suggest you contact them and report the slander. They’ve not been exonerated of anything by anybody.

    I don’t want to hurt your kids – why would I want to do that? The truth is simply this – Lupron is an appalling thing to be giving a child. It has strong, known side effects and its use id based on a totally flawed premise that even the Geier’s have changed their minds about in the short time they’ve been using it.

    A paediatric endocronologist is the only type of doctor qualified to make a diagnosis of precocious puberty. The only accepted way to do this is to radiograph the hand and wrist of the patient and compare bone age to chronological age. Once PP is established the endocronologist should subcategorise to CPP or PPP. If the Geier’s are not doing this they are endangering your child’s long term health.

    I’ll ask you again – please see a endocronologist. Yo0u can read more about Precocious Puberty here.

    As regards hiding the truth, ask yourself – here we are discussing things openly. Why are you and your friends hiding away in private subscription only Yahoo Groups? Believe me, I’d love to get a chance to debate some of the ‘scientists’ you believe so passionately in. Funnily enough, whenever I write about them, they never respond. I know they are reading, but they are too frightened to come out of their secure private groups where they can prey on frightened parents.

  27. Hi Kev,
    “common courtesy?” Have you forgotten Diane’s opening remarks
    Excuse me but you guys are the whack jobs!

    Hi HCN
    I like the links. I am not sure Diane will visit them. Mercury is an article of faith for her and she only has time for true believers like herself. But like Kev I do worry for her children. I hope somebody stops the Geiers real soon before they do some permanent harm.

  28. If you’re talking to me Diane then you’re asking too general a question. I’m not against chelation per se. It seems to be a recommended method for treatment of heavy metal toxicity.

    I am against it as a treatment for autism however. Its use in this respect is based on the flawed premise that autism is heavy metal poisoning. There is no science to support this hypothesis. Therefore, its use for autism is totally off-label and cannot be anything but dangerous experimentation. Chelation also has potential side effects including kidney damage.

    Three people have died as a result of chelation. The DAN! group contains people who are not even medical doctors who are administering chelation. This is frighteningly irresponsible.

  29. There are two problems with DAN as I see it. One is the DAN protocol which seeks to treat possible biochemical pathways to autism. These pathways have very little independent research to back them up and the benefits of the proposed remedies are similarly unsupported by the evidence. Research published by DAN doctors is not enough.

    The second problem is that DAN practitioners are not all qualified doctors or even other health professionals and DAN offers a warning on its website that it cannot guarantee the credentials or the competency of the practitioners it lists.

    This does not matter so much if all you are doing is selling vitamin pills and offering allergy tests.
    Take this family’s experience.

    Jeremy diagnoised with the following food allergies from a local DAN doctor :
    avocado, barley,greenbean, pinto bean, blueberry, bran, broccoli, cheese (all), chicken, coconut, corn, egg white, gluten, grapefruit, malt, milk (cows), mushroom, oat, olive, onion, orange, peanut, pepper (green & black), pineapple, potato (sweet & white) rye, tomato, walnut, wheat, yeast (brewers & bakers), yogurt.
    We immediately start the diet. It quickly became the diet of the whole family due to Jeremy raiding the refridgerator and pantry.

    Five months later:

    Doing this diet and seeing no change. Decide to reintroduce some of the foods. Did not see any difference other than jubilation in Jeremy and everyone else. We ended the diet and the nightmare.

    This may work for some children, I have heard and read testimonials of such improvements, but it did not make a difference in our lives.

    But what if the DAN doctor is equally wrong about something important like heavy metal poisoning and starts giving your child powerful chelating agents that alter your child’s biochemistry? And what if he pulls the calcium from your child’s body by mistake and your child dies? This happened to Abubakar Tariq Nadama last year.

    Lupron is even more dangerous. It messes with the balance of hormones in growing bodies and should only be used under the supervision of an endocrinologist.

    Incredibly the family whose experience with DAN was so unsatisfactory have also turned to the Geiers and are dosing their son with Lupron now.

  30. I know that kid Jeremy, and his mom, did you read further to see they are having success with the Geier treatment protocol?
    I have read tons of testimonals at yahoo groups like autism/mercury, and chelating kids 2 that their kids have either recovered, or have made significant gains (in autism) from chelation. and lupron is the safest way to treat high testosterone, and it is the testosterone that lowers glutothione and increases the inablility to excrete mercury. I still just think it is terrible that this group and the neurod continues to attack a doctor, a good doctor, who is helping families, making positive gains. I think the real issue then now that needs to be addressed is what neurodiversity stands for, and who the people are in that group.

  31. I also wanted to address the issue of chelation and the ONE death. there has been one, while a tragedy in itself, how many have died from overdose of tylenol and other over-the-counter drugs? there have been deaths from ephedrine when taken in too high a dose, and I myself used to take it, for about 7 or 8 years without any problems at all. If you are not responsible with the dosage, anything can be dangerous. I haven’t ever heard of any lupron deaths, but I feel confident where chelation is concerned, that Dr. Geier, who IS a doctor, unlike some of the DAN doctors that you described, knows how to dose my kid. I can also refer to Andy Cutler, who has a lot of experience in the area of chelation.
    One question to pose to you, if I shouldn’t go the Geier route, (and I’m not anywhere near conceding on giving up), then what do YOU have to offer for my child? He was not born like this, he had normal development, and around the time of his immunizations, development stopped. then regressed. we have NO family history of any problems. We have had many lab tests, test that revel no fragile x, no celiac disease, no anything that would lead to autism. If you’re so dead set against the Geiers, you and that Kathleen, then what do you offer to help my child? What treatment? I’d really like to know!

  32. Hi Diane,
    So one of her teenage boys is being treated for precocious puberty?

    The problem with relying on testimonials is that they are not a reliable source of information. There are a number of possible confounds.
    1. There is often spontaneous development and improvement over time. My son had speech problems, ear infections, sleep problems and screaming tantrums when he was younger. He did not get any biomed or chelation. He is still autistic but those specific problems have gone away. The one medical intervention that helped was an operation to remove his adenoids.
    2. Another possible confound is that just seeking and obtaining treatment makes a difference. At one point we were getting nowhere with official channels. We visited a homeopath. For a couple of hours a week someone listened to us and gave us tea and sympathy and a sugar pill for our son, which he refused to take. But we noticed an improvement in him because there was an improvement in us! we were less anxious and more hopeful and he responded to the change in us.
    I describe something similar in my book.

    Autism may result in disordered development but development still happens. It is also true that early identification and intervention reap the most handsome rewards both in terms of quality of life for the person with Autism and reduced demands on service providers in the long term. But often a quite subtle mechanism is at work.
    Children with Autism typically inhabit a world of chaos, our world. Their impaired ability to share in our common sense interpretation of experience leads them to impose their own uncommon sense of order and meaning. This can lead them to act in ways that are quite at odds with our ideas of appropriate behaviour. So we cajole, threaten, plead and generally respond in ways that add to their confusion and confirm them in their own version of reality. We seem quite mad and not to be trusted.
    Then their Autism is recognized and we change. We follow more consistent programmes of behaviour management. We stop punishing them for non-compliance. We lose our sense of powerlessness and frustration. We think we know what is going on now and are calmer and more predictable. We may start them on a course of medication or a special diet or visit a therapist. We begin to lose our own guilt and anger and no longer project them subconsciously onto our offspring. And they improve. Surprise! Surprise! They may still be autistic but their autism is no longer so disabling and we are able to enjoy our children and teach them to enjoy us.

    Then we give all the credit to the sugar pill or the special diet and not to our children and ourselves 😦

    This is the only explanation I can think of for all the success that has been reported with trans-dermal chelation. As I understand it, it is a biochemical impossibility for molecules of the active ingredient to pass through the skin. Everyone using TD was in effect using a placebo on their child.

    Geier might be an MD but he is not a specialist endocrinologist and has no business messing with the hormone levels of children on the basis of an unproven hypothesis. Perhaps he should borrow some of Mady Hornig’s autistic mice and cure them before he starts on autistic kids.

    If you want to know more about neurodiversity I suggest you read my article I cannot tell you who the members are. It is a way of thinking about autism and not an organization.

  33. Diane – I’m afraid anecdotes just don’t cut it. My autistic daughter improves also. Sometimes we go out to McDonalds. Does that mean McDonalds results in curing autism?

    If any of your friends had actually cured your child of autism, it would be all over the news everywhere in the world. There is a natural ‘grow out’ percentage that is apparently somewhere between 2% – 5 % in which autistic kids seem to move off the measurable region of the spectrum. I’ve taken a look at the numbers using various sources on the internet for people claiming to have cured their kids and those numbers do not better that of natural progression I’m afraid.

    You continue to repeat the Geier’s mantra but I’m afraid none of it is established. Its pure conjecture, and not very good conjecture at that. The time they went to court to put their money where their mouth was, their science was so bad the case was thrown out.

    I’m afraid you are wrong about there being one death. Since 2003, there have been three chelation related deaths.

    To clarify your question about treatment, what specifically are you asking about treating? Your child does not, it seems, have Precocious Puberty. If he had, it would be easy to diagnose and treat. Elevated testosterone is not a reliable indicator for PP. A proper Doctor would tell you that.

  34. I am alarmed to see the arguing going on here in this blog. People are being hurt every day by toxins – recently parents in San Francisco pulled children’s toys from the market because of the toxic agents contained in them. These are toys that infants put in their mouths, like bottles, and teething rings. It’s not a far stretch for me to believe that drug companies would put profit over our children’s safety just like the toy companies do. What I don’t understand is why you would not bond as a “family” and be open to each other’s point of view – You are a bit too intolerant of each other. You should be open minded, embrace each other’s points of view and not attack researchers who have to work against the corporate machines that dictate our children’s health. There has always been injury and/or death during the “beta” stage of testing possible cures. I call the people who particpate in trying to help others courageous and the parents need to be supported by the autism community – not attacked. One day, because of Diane’s open mindedness and willingness to participate in helping her children, others may not have to travel that painful road. Diane, keep the faith – some people are driving by hate and others by hope. God bless you.

  35. Toxinskill
    Did I misunderstand you when you wrote that
    There has always been injury and/or death during the “beta” stage of testing possible cures. I call the people who particpate in trying to help others courageous and the parents need to be supported by the autism community – not attacked.
    Or did you really mean to say that it is acceptable for children to be killed or harmed during drug trials and that the parents who sacrifice their children in this way should be supported for their courage?

  36. Yes you did misunderstand me. I find it upsetting to see you continually berate doctors, researchers and parents who are trying to help themselves and their children. They lack the research funding and the truth of origin is being covered up it makes root cause analysis and practical application of remedy riskier. I find it alarming the amount of energy generated to put these people down while you turn a blind eye to the epidemic and the people who continue to support it. I suffered from FM, CFS and have become super sensitive to smells, sounds and lights – After 2 years of having “conventional” medicine stick rods up my nose to deaden my “membrane”, almost dying because they gave me an overdose of drugs to try and treat my joint pain etc… I think that my going to a “NON” conventional doctor who gave me natural detoxing agents which expelled the crap out of my body was a GOOD IDEA. I have been back at work and 100% recovered for over 2 years now. But if during that “natural detoxing therapy” something had backfired, made me worse or even did me in, that would have been a risk worth taking. The alternative was not acceptable because I would be dead today. And because of people like you, others will not try to go outside of the “conventional medical community” to try and get alterntative therapy. You will have scared them away from being a forerunner in what could be treatment that can help many more people in line behind them. Focus your energy on helping and stop discouraging those trying to help others. IF anyone is endangering someone’s longterm health my friend…. it’s you.

  37. Oh yeah… and Diane – I don’t know who you are but God Bless you and keep up the fight. The anti-solution task force are now saying there have been 3…. THREE chelation deaths…

    You will never be able to compete with their statistics!!

    1 in 110 children have autism but there is currently no requirement for trainee or practising teachers to undertake any training in autism and over 70% of schools are not satisfied with the level of their teachers’ training.

    The economic impact of autism is more than $90 billion and expected to more than double in the next decade.

    40% of all children with autism wait more than three years for a clear diagnosis

    1% of the total population have Autism.

    1 in 166 born today will have Autism.

    1 out of 104 boys will have Autism. Why do more boys get it than girls? Think researching this may help? OF COURSE IT WILL.

  38. toxinskill
    I am sorry that I misunderstood you. What did you acually mean when you wrote
    There has always been injury and/or death during the “beta” stage of testing possible cures. I call the people who particpate in trying to help others courageous and the parents need to be supported by the autism community – not attacked.

    It is easy to be brave when making choices for someone else. What choice do the children have?

  39. What choice do you offer them? They won’t have any choices if we don’t research and find ways to help them. I am not saying what happened to these children was right, I am saying that parents have to take risks all the time on behalf of their children, rather it is a new treatment for a cancer, a risky operation that will give them a markedly improved life (like separating conjoined twins) or any other type of procedure. I am the mother of a child who was hospitalized over 50 times for chronic illnesses and I can tell you – I have NO LOVE for conventional medicine, doctors, pharm companies etc. I send out a big hug and love to the people who try to make a difference and are making a difference in the lives of children where conventional practices have failed them.

    To your comment “It is easy to be brave when making choices for someone else” … HOW DARE YOU! SHAME MIKE SHAME!!!! EASY??? I have yet to find it EASY to watch any of the horrific things that conventional medicine has done to my son. I don’t think ANY parent when faced with making a medical decision for their child thinks that it is EASY. What is alarming, my new dear friend Mike… is how EASY it is for a doctor to stick a needle full of toxic substances into my son’s bloodstream and have no concern at all there there is a Skull and Crossbones with a warning DANGER on the side of the box he pulled the vial out of. That my friend is someone making a choice for my child WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. I am starting to like you Mike, you make my blood boil, and at my age… I can use the stimulation! 🙂

  40. Toxinskill
    you are still avoiding the question. You said that death and injury happen when new treatments are being tested. Then immediately after you said that,
    “I call the people who particpate in trying to help others courageous and the parents need to be supported by the autism community – not attacked.”
    This suggested to me that you find that risk of death and injury acceptable.

    If you did not mean that it is acceptable for autistic chldren to risk injury and death in pursuit of a cure, what did you mean?

    Regarding “conventional medicine” what do you think Lupron is? The Geiers are taking conventional medicine and using it for unconventional purposes. They and big pharma giant, TAP Pharmaceuticals are trying to patent this use of Lupron.

    They are messing with the hormonal systems of autistic children on the basis of an unproven hypothesis. There have been no in vitro or animal studies. There is no independent research to support their hypothesis. They are frauds and quacks and no amount of bluster can alter that.

  41. Again, it is pointless for you to continue to focus on my poor choice of wording. I was speaking in general. I see a negative attitude in general towards people trying to help those with not just Autism but other injuries caused by toxins. Focus your energy on helping them. I don’t see any data proving he Geiers are quacks. Can you please provide? Can you prove that Mercury did not cause damage to countless or even just one child? Can you prove that B6 or chelation can in no way HELP anyone? Where is your hope? Your suggestions for improvement? Of course risk of death and injury is not acceptable where preventable, what is even MORE unacceptable is people sticking their heads in the sand , ignoring an epidemic and taking pot shots at people who have the guts to at least put themselves out there to try and help. THAT my friend is not only unacceptable, but in my very honest opinion… C R I M I N A L. I repeat “I call the people who particpate in trying to help others courageous and the parents need to be supported by the autism community – not attacked.” This is a general statement. I read so many threads every day and I cannot tell you how disturbing it is to hear the Autism community discourage people from seeking a reason for why there is a growing epidemic or a treatment or excersize prevention and in place of that actually wage campaigns of hatred towards them.

    How many chronically ill family members do you have that are directly impacted by toxins? I personally have 5 still living that I deal with daily including myself.

    Nobody is going to stop me from reading, researching, theorizing, studying, testing, analysing and validating in the effort to bring hope, help and peace to those who suffer.

    Well, maybe you will stop me from blogging on your site – but I will not stop seeking the truth.

    Best wishes to you Mike…. I have books to read and films to watch… 😉

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