Yet More Significant Misrepresentations from Mark Geier and David Geier

Significant Misrepresentations: Mark Geier, David Geier & the Evolution of the Lupron Protocol (Part Three)

Kathleen has done it again. Having previously exposed the misrepresentation of David Geier’s academic affiliations in Part One and the misrepresentation of the Geier’s IRB approval in Part Two, we now get the misrepresentation of Precocious Puberty in Childhood (PPC) as something that is “very, very common” and the misrepresentation of a wide variety of “symptoms” as evidence of PCC to insurance companies who probably do not even know that they are actually funding a piece of research, a piece of research, moreover that has no board approval.

Then there is the misrepresentation practised by the parents on themselves as they convince themselves that their children have elevated levels of testosterone that need to be reduced using Lupron. Then they convince themselves that the radical alteration to their child’s mood and behaviour following this major interference with their hormones is some sort of cure for autism.

The most serious misrepresentation, though, is that practised on the children by Mark Geier, a doctor who abuses their trust to mis-diagnose and then mis-treat them. In this he is aided and abetted by close family members, particularly his son David, business partners and lawyers.

Mark and David Geier might need those lawyers if they are ever called to account for all their misrepresentations.

9 thoughts on “Yet More Significant Misrepresentations from Mark Geier and David Geier

  1. Its the “if the are ever called to account” that worries me…. Meanwhile they’re sucking more and more innocent kids into a nasty web of unnecessary medical procedure and harm. Are we saying there’s no obvious way for the U.S authorities to just put a stop to them?

  2. I understand that action is being taken in the US to alert the authorities. In case the Geiers are reading these blogs I prefer to report on the good news when it happens and not to spoil the surprise when they get that knock on the door.

  3. Are we saying there’s no obvious way for the U.S authorities to just put a stop to them?

    Seems difficult. For investigations of scientific conduct, there really isn’t an organization the Geiers work under that might investigate them. The government does not do scientific conduct investigations unless it funds the research. The insurance companies might be able to do something. And perhaps the Maryland attorney general can think of something.

  4. Mike, sorry if this is the wrong place to add this but couldn’t find an obvious way of otherwise making contact. In a previous post I made you noted you’d be interested in any info on activity in Scotland – I notice that today the Glasgow Herald published a letter from Bill Welsh entitled “Reasons for sharp increase in autism” in which he peddles the same old tired nonsense about heavy metal toxicity, but seems to be expanding out from mercury into lead, tin, aluminium and antimony.

    Rather than being from Action Against Autism, he signs the letter Bill Welsh, Chairman, Autism Treatment Trust, 26b Great King Street, Edinburgh, and notes that since its inception in Edinburgh in April this year they “have comprehensively tested 60 autistic children.” I don’t like the sound of “comprehensively” in this context.

    I was wondering if any other UK bloggers have noted these activities or knows anymore? I don’t like to think of a repeat version of the Geirs being loose in the UK.

  5. Thanks for that Darren. I am aware of the ATT. It is Action Against Autism by another name. They have noit bought into the Geiers Lupron nonsense and are arguing for heavy metals in the environment rather than from vaccines as a cause of autism. Bill Welsh remains heavily wedded to the idea of MMR causing autism.

  6. Well never mind precocios puberty in childhood one wonders if there is not some sort of metaphor here or whatever, that it is in part about power relationships, and the desire not to have children who can ever assume a status of being able to question the patriarch.

  7. as a parent of a autistic boy I will say it shortly.

    Ignorance and more ignorance ..
    Mr. Welsh has it difficult to open eyes of ignorants!

    There is plenty scientific and clinical evidence that
    autism is triggerd by many children by vaccinations.

    It doesn’t need to be specifically the MMR, which may be the
    worst vaccination mix , but DKTP can do the damage as well.

    Do not think that conservativally (offen igrantly) reviewed
    magazines will publish the said truth.
    But there is a hope for these children.

    Don’t be ignorant and learn about bio-medical disorders
    of the autism puzzle.

    Check out the conference proceedings of
    DAN!2006 and 2005 or autismOne.
    Look at the video’s and read the papers.

    By the way Mark R. Geier, MD, PhD & David A. Geierᅠ
    have recently proven that vaccinations
    are responsible of high rates of autism..

    See and read their talk at DAN!2006 conference.

    Don’t ignoge the fact that many children are recovering
    through bio-medical approaches.

    If you are against something don’t forget to follow the other camp..

    Good luck!

    Please, don’t be ignorant.

  8. Mike G
    you say that, “By the way Mark R. Geier, MD, PhD & David A. Geierᅠ
    have recently proven that vaccinations
    are responsible of high rates of autism..”

    If you followed my link to Kathleen’s series of articles on the Geiers you would know that David Blaxhill claimed a university affiliaton to which he was not entitled. Research by the Geiers was approved by an IRB made of Geier family members and their business associates. Some of their published work is nearly identical with the earlier work of others. They did not replicate the study. they copied it. They have misrepresented the diagnosis of precocious puberty. They are applying for a patent for their Lupron protocol together with the big pharma company that manufactures Lupron. They are messing with the hormones of young children and neither has a qualification in paediatrics or endocrinology.

    I do follow the other camp. It is their ignorance and yours that concerns me, not my own.

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