Mark Geier and David Geier and “significant misrepresentation”

Mark Geier and David Geier are under scrutiny on the Neurodiversity weblog. In the first part of what promises to be a fascinating series of articles we learn that a recent study by the Geiers that was accepted by the journal, Hormone Research contained a significant error.

The online version published ahead of the print version listed David Geier's affiliation as Department of Biochemistry, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., USA. In the academic world that strongly suggests that

Mr. Geier is a member of the faculty at GWU, or a graduate student publishing with a thesis advisor or other faculty member in the same department; and that GWU is the venue at which Mr. Geier’s share of the research took place.

Unfortunately for Mark Geier and David Geier the claimed affiliation with GWU has been described as "fallacious" and a “significant misrepresentation” by Dr. Allen Goldstein, Chairman of the GWU Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. When the editors of Hormone Research where informed of this "significant misrepresentation" of David Geier's academic affiliation they immediately withdrew the paper. This to their credit and is what one would expect of a serious peer reviewed journal.

At this stage it is unclear whether the Geiers acted out of ignorance of academic conventions or, for reasons best known to themselves, chose to ignore those conventions. Either way, it is not the sort of behaviour that inspires confidence in their research. This confidence is crucial because the Geiers are promoting a protocol for the treatment of autism based on their research. The Geiers' research has never been published in a respectable peer reviewed journal and therefore no one else has had the opportunity to replicate their findings. This has not stopped the Geiers from trying to patent their Lupron Protocol. Nor has it stopped them from soliciting for parents to try this untested and unproven "cure" on their children.

Please read the Significant Misrepresentations: Mark Geier, David Geier & the Evolution of the Lupron Protocol (Part One) and look out for further instalments.


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