Autism Speaks – for real this time

Here is another great video from Teachers TV.

"Being different may be cool" – On the Autistic Spectrum

Jacqui Jackson is a single mum who has raised her four boys and 3 girls. All four boys are on the autistic spectrum. This video features Jacqui and three of her four sons, Luke, Joe and Ben. All of them speak honestly about the trials and the joys that autism brings.

The contrast with the pity party on Autism Every Day could not be more marked. Luke has lots of sensory sensitivities. He screamed all the time as a young child. Joe has ADHD as well. Ben did not walk or speak until he was 4. And Jacqui is a mum who supports biomedical interventions. The boys are on the gluten and casein free diet. But Jacqui is not looking for a cure. She wants "autism friendly futures" for her children.

Jacqui and her children have a remarkable story to tell. You can learn more of this story at Luke's and Jacqui's websites.

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