Autscape – Call for proposals

This is a final reminder of the call for proposals. There is less thana week now remaining before the deadline on the 7th of April. Please distribute this freely to anyone you think may be interested.

— Autscape 2006, Call for Proposals

Event date: Tues to Fri, 1-4 August , 2006 Location: Radstock, Somerset (near Bath) Submission deadline: April 7, 2006

Autscape is a combined retreat and conference organised for and run by autistic people. The second annual event will be held this summer in a peaceful rural retreat centre surrounded by extensive and picturesque grounds. We are now accepting proposals for seminars & workshops to be presented at Autscape 2006. This event is primarily for, not about, autistic people. Workshops geared towards parents and professionals may be accepted, but must be positive in their support for autistic people and their right to be different. In general we would like ideas for positive ways of living with autism and navigating an alien world. To get some idea of what we are looking for, please refer to last year's programme:

We are also likely to enjoy similar workshops to those that have been presented at Autreat in the USA in the past.

We aim to both stimulate your interest and challenge your skills. We hope to change lives by empowering autistic people to live their own lives more effectively. If this interests you, please see our website for more information, detailed submission guidelines, or to submit your proposal online.

That was a public service announcement on behalf of Autscape


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