Commercial Break

My friend and colleague, Larry Arnold has just produced a DVD about autism. You can read my endorsement at Shining City Visions.

Larry is the first autistic person to serve on the Board of Trustees of the National Autistic Society. His ideas merit wide circulation. I recommend his web site as well.

Larry's DVD cover
The DVD is not available on the NAS website yet. So those in a hurry can order direct from

Central Books Ltd
99 Wallis Road
E9 5LN
Tel: 0845 458 9911
Fax: 0845 458 9912

or bombard the NAS with emails asking why it is not on the website yet.
NB I have no financial interest in the success of Larry’s venture.


5 thoughts on “Commercial Break

  1. I have a very strong personal interest in seeing Larry succeed. His impact on the thinking of the NAS at the highest levels has been very important in the UK.

    I will ask the NAS publications department about distribution and get back to you.

  2. Just got this reply from Cath at NAS Publications.

    “Larry tells me that the DVD should arrive at our distributors by the end
    of this week. As soon as it does we will add it to our online shop:
    short cut

    They do accept overseas orders. The ideal solution would be to find an Australian distributor. I expect that will happen eventually.

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